11 things I know to be true

I got “tagged” (nominated) by Steve Mouldy  @geomouldy in his enlightening post here


No pressure, as I am sure the maths teachers will tell you that this is unsustainable

The blogging task includes:

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  • Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions the      nominating blogger has created for you.
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11 Random Facts

  1. My first job was working as a river guide on the Whanganui river.
  2. I have just completed 20 years of teaching!
  3. I witnessed the Ruahihi hydro dam collapse
  4. I was a member of the New Zealand White-water team to compete in the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth games demonstration sport.
  5. I don’t watch television
  6. I have read every one of Jeffery Archers books
  7. I was given an iPad for my 50th birthday, wasn’t sure if I would use it
  8. Can ride a unicycle
  9. I bike to work at least once per week (60k)
  10. Hometown – Pahiatua – the boy from 40 mile bush
  11. Uber excited about 2014



Your 11 Questions:

1.    What was the best Edu book/blog/article you read last year? Why?

Design, Graphics and Visual Communication for New Zealand, by some guy called Terry Beech.  http://www.amazon.com/Design-Graphics-Visual-Communication-Zealand/dp/1107612055

Tony Wagners book on Innovation is one that keeps coming back to me and has changed the way I think about my teaching

2.    Where is the strangest place you have visited?

Halfway down the Billy-goat falls in the Kauaeranga valley, Coromandel. We were in a three person team. As the lead absailer I was sitting in a pool with no way up and no way down, a very lonely and solitary experience – as well as amazing

3.    What is your hidden advantage that others don’t realise about you?

I am either smiling or smiling on the inside. I NEVER give up, and I am prepared to play the long game

4.    What is your guilty pleasure?

Epic Brewing Company Coffee and Fig Imperial Oatmeal Stout, a bargain at $17 a bottle.

5.    What is one nickname you have had?

That’s right, one only nickname, same for all my four ‘Beechy’ brothers

6.    Do you have a pet hate?

No, embrace the difference in others, but I am sure that I have OCD in the tidiness department, this is a problem when you are a hoarder.

7.    Which school that you have not visited would you most like to visit?

The school that I would love to visit is Hobsonville Point Secondary School, clean slate, no baggage, and a focus on learning. Now, I am not one to be mainstream and there is always more interest in the answers that take a little more thinking. It is like who would you most like to meet, well Barrack Obama would be cool but someone like Geoff Chapple who originated the Te Araroa walkway (the long pathway) could be much more interesting.

I would like to visit the Nelson School for Fine Woodworking – oh yes- I am going there in two weeks!

The third school that I would like to visit is the Christchurch Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti. The director of this school, Alistair Wells is a former design teacher, so it would be interesting to see how his expertise in design effects the culture of the school that incidentally has a focus on inquiry based learning.

8.    Who/where/what do you turn to for inspiration or motivation?

My chair, quiet time for me, my thoughts, my visual diary, my journal, and my blog

9.    Lance Armstrong: Drug Cheat or Hero?

He is both. It is likely that they were all cheating in some way at this time, it was the culture, now I know this doesn’t make it right. Lance’s seven wins is an amazing feat, very difficult to beat, no matter how many drugs you are on. It is likely that drugs can only improve performance by less than 1%. Hero, maybe, but he has lost his mana and credibility and in my opinion they are everything.

10.  Latest hobby that you started/developed?

Holiday obsession was investigating to design and buy a custom fixie bike and become a hipster. Visa bill has put that on hold.

11.  Favourite public holiday?

Any holiday the falls during term time!


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Your 11 questions, and as teachers, you know that you have to explain the why!

  1. What do you most like about twitter?
  2. If you weren’t a teacher what would you be?
  3. What was the best thing you read last year?
  4. Your favourite place in New Zealand
  5. Which New Zealander would you most like to meet?(living or dead)
  6. Which school that you have not visited would you most like to visit?
  7. Why did you become a teacher?
  8. Favourite pastime
  9. Are we delusional thinking that this paradigm is going to be different?
  10. Favourite film or TV
  11. One teaching goal for 2014

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