I am a constructor, so why am I deconstructing

This week we have been deconstructing the Technology Curriculum.

My first question is “why have we not done this sooner?” the second question is, how can we explain it to others when it confuses me too! The Technology curriculum is so interconnected, and therein its complexity lies its beauty and challenge. ¬†We have covered the walls in our little think tank to make our thinking visible and have been enjoying the rich and robust discussions that we have had with my fellow technologists.

This week we have been working with three teachers to integrate two curriculum areas into one learning module. The things that we have discovered are that in many ways our specialist subjects don’t exist, it is about the context and the learning. The other thing was that although we all had one common theme ‘Our Place’ all the teams came up with a completely different task. However, conversely, one of our team noted how similar they were in the way the learning was organised as a Learning Inquiry.

Thanks for reading my blog, I am just checking that I have turned Linkis off, so thought I would write a short blog on my thinking this week. My learning from this is that a little and often is better than an over considered perfect piece of prose.

My next blog will be around our discussion of ‘What’s in a Name?” How do we ‘label’ what we do and label our spaces yet acknowledge that there is only one Technology curriculum, or better still one that says there is no siloed curriculum.

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