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I am in a truly privileged position to be starting at the new Rototuna Junior High School opening in Hamilton in February 2016. I am privileged to be a part of a team of dedicated and talented individuals who will demonstrate ground breaking leadership in education.

Can I sum up what I want to achieve in a paragraph, a sentence, or maybe just one word? What about a summary using just a punctuation mark? Then it would be “?” So let me expand on this singular idea.

I want to question what it is to be a learner, what it is to be a teacher, what it is to be a world-class school. I want my students to identify their learning needs, their goals in life and know how to realise them.

I want my students to solve real world problems through critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and innovative creativity. I want my students to use new and emerging technologies to create their own products by selecting from a wide range of materials and processes.

I want my students, their parents/caregivers, teachers at Rototuna Junior High School, and schools locally, nationally and internationally to have a real understanding of the importance of Design as a solution for the complex global challenges that we all face. I want my students to participate in school, regional, and national competitions. I want experts from the creative industries, designers, and engineers, to talk to my students about their career paths and to work with them on authentic projects. I want my students to see Design in action in the real world and realise that they have a voice in this process.

I am excited about the opportunity of joining a new school in its establishment phase. The opportunity to question the status quo and break new ground that shows an understanding of what it is to be a learner.  The opportunity to shift how we view knowledge; the challenge of stepping outside our comfort zone and provoking curiosity; the opportunity to work with students and like-minded colleagues with a growth mind-set to build a better future for ourselves and our environment.

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