SOS Social Media

SOS Social Media

Social Media Saturation Alliteration Situation

When I wake up in the mornings my @Cardio App reminds me that I need to check my resting heartbeat and would I like to share it with my training buddies. I can’t have breakfast until I check @Twitter – my breakfast of choice – until I have the affirmation of four likes.

After breakfast I bike to work and when I arrive I share my @MapMyRide details. My first task is to check my emails and reply to most of them if I can. I guess you would call this old-school, social media; we now try to communicate through @Lync or our @SharePoint groups. My work day tends to be fairy hectic, so I seldom have a chance to check on-line. If I do have some downtime I will check the groups that I follow on the Ministry of Education’s Virtual Learning Network or the Technology Education Google Group. Both of these are invaluable tools to keep me up to date with the latest thinking or collaborating resources.

The platform with the potential to change the national if not international landscape is the @N4L POND this is a platform that allows true collaboration between teachers and will become, I believe, an essential form that puts the professional into social media.

When I get home after a busy day I sit down and relax with a nice cold beer, of which then I will enter the details of into @Untappd and share with my followers. Most nights, after I have checked my, more than one, twitter account I will read a book. Yes, you guessed, I read my book on my @Kindle where I am able to share my highlighted passage with other people who have read the book or the people in my book group. Mostly I share my thoughts about what I have read with my @Twitter PLN. When I have finished a book I enter the details into @goodreads sharing with my virtual book group.

I now are attempting 10 blogs in 10 weeks, this has been a challenge. However, this blog sees me up to date. I love to write, I love the power of the written word – I love the power of the spoken word more- I will continue with this form of electronic journal writing. I have requested that discussions about my blog are on @Twitter, however, I still do have to check and moderate some replies, which is great.

There is no doubt that our lives have been enriched by social media. I have made many connections with total strangers; I cannot think of any other way this could happen. I even recognised someone on the street recently when I was in Taupo. I was apologetic for ‘stalking him’ however, he said that it was fantastic as it is about meeting people and making connections; I could not agree more. Furthermore, @Twitter has allowed me to make connections with writers, politicians, and people in positions of influence; this truly makes it a democratically powerful enabling tool. I have noticed when I am at work I talk to my colleagues about administrative things, reports, students, and deadlines. On the other hand when I am on @twitter I discuss my thoughts, ideas, and reflection of my teaching. I now understand what some of my colleagues are thinking, and where they ‘are coming from’. This understanding certainly build relationships and improves collaboration and communication in the workplace.

My connections that I have made on Twitter have changed and invigorated my teaching practice. It will be very interesting this weekend when I attend the @edchatNZ conference and meet the people that I have made a close connection with. How do connect f2f with someone at a deeper level when you have just met them? What if I can’t think of something intelligent to say?

Am I a narcissist, or a voyeur, or a communicator, or do I need to get professional help? SOS


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